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Why use native plants

It all comes down to this: every little bit does, indeed, help. We have all read that providing habitat is good for local insects, pollinators and birds.  Native plants are, hands down, the most effective way to do that. Non-native plants don’t provide the same type or quality of food. If you add native plants to a balcony container, a small bed in your townhouse garden or a larger area on your one acre lot, you will make a difference in our Chesapeake landscape. You will provide habitat, high quality seeds and nectar that local insects, pollinators, birds and animals need. It helps to restore our ecological system. Best of all – your garden, no matter its size, will feel more alive and be more interesting! For a crash course on why and how to start, please read this post from Gardenista.

Where to Buy

the best places to buy native plants for your own garden, whether it's a balcony or an acre, in Northern Virginia, the District and Maryland.


Plant This or That

for most of your favorites, from azaleas to wisteria, there is a native alternative to add buzz and interest in your garden. Explore options.


Helpful Tools

oodles of native plant and gardening advice to lead you to your own unique garden and bump up habitat in our Chesapeake Bay watershed.


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