IMG_1639 2I am a self taught gardener who loves native plants. They just make sense. Native plants are compatible with insects and birds living here in the Chesapeake watershed; they are already adapted to our climate, soils and topographies; they don’t require a lot of fertilizer or other controls (translation: less work); and they are just beautiful — guaranteed you’ll see more insects, butterflies and birds the more native plants you use!

People often say to me “your garden is so interesting.” Our garden is a typical row home lot in an urban area. I think people say that because our garden incorporates a range of native plants, some of which aren’t typically used in traditional landscaping around the Chesapeake. Native plants are interesting and give a garden that “alive” feel.

As Maryland’s Secretary of Environment, some years ago, I had the incredible opportunity to meet so many people, who like me, love our surroundings in the mid-Atlantic, and want to do something tangible to help preserve and restore the Chesapeake Bay watershed. I’ve always liked efficiency and there is nothing more efficient than starting with your own space!

All information at Nuts for Natives is based on personal gardening experience in the Chesapeake watershed and photographs are of plants in every day gardens, unless noted otherwise. Fellow gardener, native plant enthusiast and former television producer, Alice Kelly, is a terrific collaborator and provides tremendous inspiration and advice.  If information is from another source, we will tell you where!

Please share your tips, ideas and corrections. Together, we’ve got this!