Native Ground Covers: Wintergreen

A friend recently gave me a wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) and what a delightful gift! This evergreen ground cover has large red berries and thick dark green leaves. The berries are the size of blueberries.

native ground coverWhile I have not grown it, sources say it is easy to grow in the right conditions. It prefers shade, even deep shade, and moist acidic soils. If you have azaleas or rhododendrons that are doing well, this plant is a ground cover for those areas, so long as there is shade.

Wintergreen blooms in summer and feeds birds in winter.   Each plant grows about 6″ high and up to 2′ wide.  This ground cover is available in nurseries and garden centers from time to time. Several on-line sources are now taking orders for delivery in March.

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  1. Happy New Year to you all as well! Several people have told me this is very hard to grow in our area which may be consistent with your seeing it much farther north … I will update my progress or lack there of!

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