Wisteria: Plant This or That

Chinese and Japanese wisterias (Wisteria sinensis and floribunda) are long time mid-Atlantic favorites. While the drape of the lavender flowers is short lived, they often evoke strong spring memories. If your Asian wisteria has taken off, you also know the effort involved to contain it.¬†Importantly, the non-native wisteria has become invasive — from time to … Continue reading Wisteria: Plant This or That

Hostas: Plant This or That

Once summer hits its stride, it is great to have a couple of “workhorse” plants in your garden. These are plants that don’t wilt if we hit a dry spell and provide much needed color and texture; ¬†flowers are a bonus. Hostas have been planted far and wide and it’s easy to see why. They … Continue reading Hostas: Plant This or That